Leadership Development

We are developing future leadership who will impact the community, State, and country.
woman teaching leadership

Leadership is the key to a thriving community

Good leaders inspire grass roots innovations that impact a community, allowing it to grow and flourish.
Leaders also hold positions of power in local government. It is important those who have authority are trained and equipped to lead in a fair, equitable, and honorable way.
Leaders can have a major impact on community safety. As well as leaders hold considerable influence over the lives of our youth. Youth who will becomes tomorrow’s community leaders.
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We are investing in future leaders

We don’t want to leave our community to chance. We believe we have the ability to influence our communities future today through positive leadership development.
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How are we investing and training future leaders?

We invest and train future leaders through:

Mentorship - We help our youth reach their full potential through a partnership with Mentor’s Care. Our strategic partnership allows us to provide mentorship opportunities for our communities future leaders.

Service Based Opportunities - Throughout the year, there are a number of service based opportunities we provide.

Real Life Leadership Experiences - Our goal is to expose our youth to real world situations where they have to lead out.

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